If at some point your quality of life is not at the level you want it to be, you can seek help from a professional. Talking to someone that is not involved in the problem helps you to organize and analyze the situation, and also guides you.

I offer my services as a psychologist and coach to accompany you during a moment in your life when you are dissatisfied and you want to change certain aspects of your life to feel happier. Together with you I create a space of respect and confidentiality. I help you to focus and to discover what really matters to you.

My services are directed towards people who either speak English, Spanish or Dutch.
I offer the possibility to have sessions face to face or online (via zoom).


“Coaching focuses on future possibilities, not past mistakes”
John Whitmore

Coaching is a method that consists of accompanying someone to achieve a personal or professional goal in an easier and faster way without sacrificing a healthy and balanced lifestyle.
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Mindful Walking

Every month I organize a mindful walk (Dutch spoken).
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Psychological Treatment

Is there anything that makes you suffer or causes you pain and does not let you function normally? Or do you just feel bad and you don´t know why?
If you have a lot of stress inside you or if your mood is not the same as it was before, psychological treatment can be a big relief.
Do you want me to listen to you?

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Expat Support Group

This group (English spoken) is intented to create a safe place for expats to share what they are going through.
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