It has been a unique experience to work with people from all over the world and help them to live with more happiness.
Read below what my clients say about me.

Lola Vallejo – Co-founder of SoulRoom
Translated from Spanish

For me the coaching process with Geertje has been very enriching, I would even say therapeutic.

It coincided with a moment where I was having a rough patch in my professional life. I had recently changed job and this move was not living up to the expectations I had set. After various years of professional career this change had catapulted me into a period of insecurities and demotivation. I didn’t like the company, the way it worked did not convince me, nor did the way they treated their employees.

The sessions with Geertje helped tme to get through the first months and to set a goal that, although I already had it clear in my mind, she helped me to determine and confirm: to change my situation. If this reality was not what I wanted nor was looking for, then why stay there? Why not try to change it?

On top of that we really clicked since the first moment. Geertje is kind, polite, empathic, discrete and very prudent. I felt very much at ease with her. I can even remember telling her that I was “opening my soul” to her. I am a fairly reserved person and nevertheless I was very comfortable around her.

It’s already been a while, but today I can say that I left that job and I’ve started my own company. Geertje helped me to recognize that I had a lot more resources than I thought, to get to know myself better and to regain the security and confidence in myself that I thought I lost.

Cristina Sánchez Estévez – General Manager at Transix S.A.
Translated from Spanish

Thanks a lot Geertje for your listening, your sincere interest, your sweetness, your guidance and inestimable support during my coaching process. The sessions with you were of great help because saying those things that on my own I have difficulties to acknowlegde out loud and under your scrutinous look was the first step on my personal path to improvement. You are a grand coach and you will always have my love and trust.

Angela G.
Translated from Spanish

I feel confident, heard y understood. I am learning to look at things from a new perspective and rethink preconceived ideas.

Maria Carmen M.
Translated from Spanish

I felt very good from the start. There was a connection and above all she knew how to empathize with me, which didn´t make me feel bad or uncomfortable at any moment. I am discovering that I am able to achieve things that I didn´t believe in, for example, to have some time for myself, or to organize my daily tasks both work related as professionally. I will control stressful situations without letting them affect me in a disproportionate way.

Rosana V.
Translated from Spanish

It has been an enriching process. It helped me to reflect and think about things that I did in an automatic way before.

Gisele Mporanyi

Coaching with Geertje has been a wonderful experience for me. It has helped me to focus on 2 main points of my professional life:
1) Knowing which will be the next step after leaving my current job;
2) How committed I am in searching new opportunities.

Susana Flecha Garcia

Coaching with Geertje has been very helpful, she helped me understand that little steps can take us to where we want, and it is the best way to start the journey. A good takeway is the picture I took with the positive/negative words that came out during the session, this helps me focus on the things I want.

Galina Stefanova

The coaching sessions were emotional, relieving and made me think. Coaching with Geertje has been interesting and really helpful. The answer is inside me and no one can answer some questions for me but coaching helps you see what is maybe not clearly visible for oneself. After the session I went back home and kept on thinking about my priorities and life as a whole. It has helped me to visualize the strength I have inside myself and getting more positive and less demanding towards myself. I think outcomes for me were:
– to better do something instead of waiting and just thinking and rethink too much
– the positive attitude towards my own achievements so far

Giusi Torchia

Coaching with Geertje has been an interesting experience, to get to know what coaching is first-hand. It was a valuable and effective way to clear my mind and open the way to ideas. A good coach is asking those questions that makes you think in several directions and clear the way to reach your goal. The coaching sessions were pleasant and open. It has helped me to breathe and relax, and pinpoint some actions to improve my daily routine.

Nadezhda P.

I felt open to share thoughts and ideas and interested to learn new things.
Coaching has helped me to have less frustration at work and be more organised in routine tasks. I learned some techniques to analyse professional behaviour, issues, and obstacles to a more effective way of working and interacting with others.

Sofia M.

The coaching sessions were really helpful in order to be able to openly speak about my professional strengths and weaknesses and to put them in another perspective, as seen from the outside and not only with my own “eyes”.
Coaching with Geertje has been enlightened and helpful as I was able to detect some issues, but also new opportunities I had not realised before, and to put them into practise too. It gave me a true insight on how to improve and move forward in my career.

Johan Nordin

The coaching sessions with Geertje were organic and flexible, they were taken where they needed to go, based on my needs and personality. I was in the drivers seat. They provided me with a safe, and more importantly, dedicated time slot for reflection and discussion that unveiled several blind spots in my personal as well as professional life.

Lidia Jurisich

To have Geertje as a coach – even for a short while – was a great experience for me. I felt I can share all my doubts and issues with her due to the honest relationship we had.I learnt how to see a problematic situation from different angles, to recognize the feelings and emotions I am going through in that particular situation, to develop an action plan which could lead me to a satisfying solution and to overcome the possible obstacles. Geertje was full of understanding and supporting me in my journey to success. I will always feel grateful for those few months we could spend together during our coaching sessions as today I am in the job role I wanted to have right from the beginning of my carrier. THANK YOU!

Raluca Minea

The coach encouraged me to open and dig inside myself. I felt free to say what was on my mind knowing also the confidentiality agreement. I evaluated what are my strengths and my weaknesses and I had measurable results in the areas identified: improve communication and delegation. I learned that I want to evaluate myself regularly and see what I want to improve in my life.

Emmanuelle T.

I am very grateful for the opportunity you gave me to experience my first coaching session with you. It has been eyes-opening how you have made me, via some small exercises, reflect on things that I always knew I had in my mind but I never had the chance to concrete and put in written. This had helped me, both at personal and professional level, to have a clearer idea of how I can set goals for myself and how I can to take decisions/actions based on those reflections in order to grow myself. It’s a shame we could not have more sessions and continue on working together.