Expat Support Group

Living abroad has a beautiful side, but it can be super hard too. It can be overwhelming and stressful right? I know this myself as I lived 11 years in Spain. I am sure you are facing a lot of struggles and challenges. You have to deal with everything on your own. You probably feel lonely sometimes. What I missed in these years as expat was a place to really talk with people like me. I created this initiative to make it easier for fellow expats to share what they are going through and to find out they are not the only ones experiencing it.

Together we create a safe group situation where we will share and listen to each other. We will cover relevant topics like cultural differences, the process of adapting and belonging, loneliness, contact with your home country, making new friends and other topics that may arise. The Expat Support Group will be a closed group, which means that once we start no new participants can join. All participants commit to attend all 5 group sessions.

The Expat Support Group will consist of 5 group sessions of 1,5 hour and will take place in 2021.


Geertje Setton

100 euro for all 5 group sessions.

Do you want to join? Get in contact with me at info@mygrowingself.com.
I will reach out to you as soon as possible.

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